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“On Demand” production of guidelines, instruction manuals, textbooks and brochures

Within Central Europe we bring an innovative change of leaflets production which involves digitizing and automating of the entire production process. For booklets production we use full coloured rotational inkjet print on one of the most modern and fastest current machines – Kodak Prosper 6000P. For envelope production we use offset and digital print. Finishing elaboration allows automatically produce variable number of sheets. This solution, unlike classic analog offset print, brings a wide range of advantages:

  • Possibility of processing small and medium amounts of loads without the need to produce on store, customer orders just what he needs at the moment
  • Production of different language versions and types (including fully personalized 1:1 manuals) with automatic finishing check
  • Connection to ERP customers systems (e.g. automotive, electrical engineering or other industry) for ordering, data exchange and instruction or manual delivery of their products
  • JIS “just in sequence” production process according to call-offs

Škoda Auto a.s. is one of the first companies in Central and Eastern Europe using this solution for the worldwide production of board guidelines.

Highly personalized direct mail
- 1:1 marketing

The arrival of new digital technologies has dramatically changed the whole direct marketing area in the last few years. As early as 2007 our company has reacted to the clear trend shift from offset preprinted black and white personalized direct mails to fully coloured highly personalized print with the installation of high volume inkjet technology and finishing that allows diverse and creative direct mail print.

Nowadays we provide our clients, especially from European retail business companies (for example loyalty program statements of Tesco, Globus, DM Drogerie Markt, chains of pharmacies), with projects that considerably improve the response to their marketing communications. These solutions are not based only on digital printing technologies. In most cases it is so-called cross media solution going across media (press, email, internet).

TransPromo – documents for financial institutions, telecommunications and utilities

Transactional and Promotional documents – transactional documents (for example bank statements, invoices of telecommunication and utility companies) in combination with advertisements tailored to a final customer. TransPromo is a complementary strategy that brings the following benefits:

  • Consistent/persistent periodical (e.g. monthly, quarterly) communication with the customer.
  • It does not generate new costs (2in1). Directly targeted offer is a part of the transactional document, which brings huge savings, as there is no need to print and send other direct mails.
  • It allows selling marketing space to partners and so generating revenues. The expense item for producing transactional documents changes into revenue item for collection of funds.

In the Czech Republic that solution is used by e.g. MONETA, Cetelem, Raiffeisen Stavební Spořitelna and others.

Boomailer – hybrid processing of direct mail

We have been producing creative self mailers (integrated letter with an envelope and e.g. answer card) since 2000 and the product is becoming more and more popular. It can combine offset and digital print or alternatively fully digital full coloured processing from a paper roll with unconventional and customized finishing. This is a unique technology which allows you to gain several advantages:

  • Machine production which is fast and reliable
  • Lower production costs than in the case of classic direct mailing (up to 20-30%)
  • Creative processing that attracts customers
  • Wide range of processing

Commercial printing

Wide range of products designed to advertise products, service and companies has always been the domain of our company. Brochures, catalogues, leaflets, posters, jigsaw puzzles, annual reports etc. all have irreplaceable role in the digital world.

For their production we use wide spectrum of our technologies. Offset and digital printing, several kinds of finishing process.